Dark Oak Dining Room Set – ALF Arezzo

dark oak wood veneer modern dining room set

The Arezzo Dining Room is a beautiful dining room set made by ALF UNO SPA, one of Italy’s premier furniture manufacturers of contemporary furniture. The Arezzo dining room collection comes in a high quality dark oak wood veneer. You also have the option of chair or bench for the seating around the table.


Table W-60x D-60x H-30
4/D Buffet W-78x D-21x H-33
2/D Curio W-39x D-20x H-72
Bench W-56x D-18x H-48
Chair W-18x D-20x H-36

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  1. Tom Oak January 28, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    Great post, I love the furniture and design in the picture! The dark oak grain was so nice!

    Thanks for the post :-)

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