How to Create Atmosphere in a Room

living room with atmosphere

Designing the look of your home is a great way to add that personal touch and make it comfortable to live in. Not only is it rewarding but it makes your living space unique and have character.  One of the first things you need to ask yourself before you start designing is, what is the atmosphere I want to achieve for this space?


Creating atmosphere in a room is the aim of all good interior design. It sets the mood and tone for the room and is responsible for the overall feel of it. Four important things to think about when designing a room that creates atmosphere is the color, lighting, furniture and focal point.

Picking the right colors is important because it sets the overall mood of the room and can have a big effect on the overall look and feel. Use colors that match how you want to feel in each room. For instance, living rooms where most people want to relax would be best decorated using warmer earth tones that give a feeling of calmness, as opposed to kitchens and bathrooms that are usually associated with brighter more lively colors.

bedroom with earth tone colors

Good lighting is also important in reinforcing the atmosphere of a room. The goal is to create the room’s mood without compromising its practical needs. It’s common in living rooms to depend on overhead lighting but lower lights such as wall lights and smaller lamps can be used together and allow you to control the atmosphere more easily to suit the occasion.

The furniture in a room is not only used to decorate a room but also be used for practical reasons. It dictates what the function of the room is. A room trying to project a relaxed atmosphere should have soft comfortable furniture and a room meant for working should be more focused on workspace and practicality. When choosing the color of your furniture, use the same color guidelines above and try matching fabric textures that give off the same mood as the colors you are using.

large modern fireplace

When designing a room, the idea of a focal point is fairly important. The main focal point helps define the function and atmosphere of the space, like the seating arrangement in the living room, or the table in the dining room. This main focal point should be concentrated on, with the rest of the room acting as a compliment to it. Identify or create a focal point in the room that matches the atmosphere or feel that you want and design the rest of the room around it.

Many people make the mistake of designing a room or home and only think of the individual parts instead of looking at the space as a whole. This often leads to spaces that are uncomfortable and feel unnatural. Remember that all parts of the room can add to the atmosphere, so be sure to see the big picture and make these parts work together and all portray the same atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

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