Living Room Furniture

Cloud 7 Sofa Set by Bretz

modern sectional sofa

The Bretz Cloud 7 is an asymmetrical, angular sofa constructed of basic shapes combined with cuddly soft upholstery. This sofa has no right angles or conventional structure giving it a unique look like no other.

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Darius Lounge Chair by Leolux

leather lounger chair and ottoman

Jan Armgardt has yet again created a very successful design for Leolux. When you sit down in the Darius chair you instantly recognize the refinement and craftsmanship of this leather luxury lounge chair.

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Modern Chairs by Martz Edition

modern chair with natural wood finish
The Martz Edition series of modern chairs is sure to garner attention from guests in your home. With its clean flowing lines and superb design, it offers an elegant alternative to most other chairs and adds character to any given space.

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Synergy Cradle Rocking Chair

modern rocking chair with cushions

The Synergy Cradle epitomizes what a rocking chair is all about. It creates a comfortable and relaxing environment in which the user can dissipate the over stimulation of their senses.

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Modern Asami Light Sofa by Calico

modern living room apartment with large windows and modern furniture
An electric design to liven up any living room! The Asami Light sofa by Calico is a classic couch with a versatile style, featuring a transparent outer body with LED lights to display various designs using your favorite colors. Mixing modern technology with forward thinking design, transforms this furniture from a fixed decor element to a versatile style feature.

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