Modern Chairs by Martz Edition

modern chair with natural wood finish
The Martz Edition series of modern chairs is sure to garner attention from guests in your home. With its clean flowing lines and superb design, it offers an elegant alternative to most other chairs and adds character to any given space. It’s design is what makes it so original and visually pleasing.The chairs construction follows the contours of the body offering a very comfortable seating experience.

These modern chairs come in a variety of finishes like aluminum, wenge, natural wood, fabric or leather upholstery and several color choices to make sure you find the perfect chair to fit your home decor.


aluminum chair with black leather upholstery

cool modern chair made of aluminum

modern white chair

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  1. Marlene Moen November 24, 2012 at 3:38 am #

    What is the description and price range of the Martz Edition modern chairs. It gives no details for any of the chairs shown above. We are looking for chairs for a waiting room in a business and need some specific dimensions and overall size of these chairs. Thank you.

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